Emergency Response

Civil Defence’s Emergency Response will support the Principal Response Agencies in times of emergencies. Roles undertaken here may include:

  • roles set out for Civil Defence within each respective Local Authority Major Emergency Plan,
  • supporting the Local Authority in times of flooding through Civil Defence AFS units and Swiftwater teams,
  • supporting the Principal Response Agencies – Local Authorities, HSE and An Garda Síochána in providing emergency response including severe weather events,
  • supporting the Local Authority by transporting displaced persons from their homes to designated Local Authority rest centres. As set out in MEM Guide 6, the Local Authority is responsible for staffing rest centres and registering affected persons. Civil Defence may assist, if requested by the Local Authority. Separately Civil Defence may identify suitable rest centres in advance of an emergency, if requested by the Local Authority.
  • providing assistance and backup to Principal Response Agencies in line with Memorandums of Understanding and Liaison Agreements.

While Civil Defence may also be requested to undertake other activities by organisations including the Principal Response Agencies represented on the National Emergency Co-Ordination Group that is dependent on the availability of appropriately trained volunteers within Local Authorities.