Search and Rescue

The rescue service are trained to rescue people trapped in collapsed buildings or crashed vehicles. They also administer First Aid to the casualties. Members of this service must be physically fit and must have stamina to undergo long periods if time in extreme weather conditions. Training is conducted mostly out of doors in quarries, caves, industrial premises or rock faces.


Emergencies such as aircraft crashes, train crashes, explosions and collapsed buildings are recreated to make training as realistic as possible.

After achieving competence in the above, members are selected to undergo specialised training in Rescue from heights and Water Rescue techniques. This requires undergoing advanced training on mountains, rivers, lakes and in coastal inshore areas in harbours and estuaries. Wexford Civil Defence Rescue have started training in a new Technical Rescue Methods using ropes and climbing equipment to perform rescues from buildings, towers and any high structures. We are looking for new members to join our existing rescue team in County Wexford. We also provide search and rescue teams throughout the county and are always looking for new members. We will provide training in radio communications, map reading, Technical Rescue , First Aid and boating skills.

Training Includes

  • Vehicles, Urban, town, village and
  • rural rescue, heights and line rescue
  • Map Reading
  • Communications (VHF/UHF)
  • Search Management
  • Rescue Methods
  • First Aid


Search Skills Training – Carrigbyrne, Wexford